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The diamonds
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Why the third finger of the left hand?

The ancient Egyptians believed that the vein of love directly connected the heart with the point of the third finger of the left hand.

How much do we have to spend for a first choice diamond?

Before all, we must remember that all the purchases that we make for the house or for ourselves, time will make them lose their value.Your diamond, will always maintain its valueand, like love, it will become more and more precious. This is why you should look for the quality in the diamond that you are buying, indipendently from its dimension and from the style of the jewel. An indication on how much you have to spend for your engagement ring is approximately one or two months of salary. But naturally this all depends on you. There are diamonds available in a wide scale of prices that you can be sure of finding, according to your taste and to your diposabilities. A diamond the more a diamond is big the more it's rare, and higher is its carat value. For example A two carat stone is worth much more in comparison to a one carat stone of the same quality. A half carat stone is worth more than two that weigh a fourth carat each. The table below can give you an idea of the dimension of the carats.You must remember that time has increased the value of diamonds and so you won't pay the same price that your parents or grandparents paid in their days. But, differently to other important purchases, like an expensive wedding dress, a diamond won't languish in a trunk. A diamond is forever.

Measurement of the dimensions of diamonds.

How do we take care of our diamond?

Diamonds need cares so that their brightness is kept in the best way. A clean diamond doesn't only reflect in a better way the light, but it also looks bigger than one that has been darkened in touch with skin, soap, cosmetics or greasy hands. Diamonds are easily tarnished with grease and should be polished every month to maintain their brightness. There are three simple ways to take off the membrane that forms on diamonds:

1) Detergent bath. Prepare a bowl of hot water with some light detergent liquid. Dip the diamond in it and brush it lightly with a tooth brush. Lay it on a metal strainer and rinse it in hot running water. Dry it with a smooth cloth and that isn't frayed.

2) Immersion in cold water. Prepare in a container a solution of cold water and ammonia. immerse your diamond in it for half an hour. Then take it out and brush it all around the fitting with a tooth brush. Immerse it again for a few minutes in the solution and then dry on a piece of paper. There's no need to rinse it.

3) The fast immersion method. Buy a good cleaning liquid for jewels, and follow the instructions.

Other advises on how to take care of your diamond.
Don't let your diamond ever get in touch with chlorine bleachings when you are doing the house-keeping. Nothing would happen to the diamond but the chlorine could corrode and bleach the fitting. Don't wear your diamond when you are practising sports, doing heavy works, or when you are doing the washing up. Even if the diamond is hard, it can be chipped by a heavy blow along the vein. Don't keep your jewels with your diamonds in confusion in a drawer or in your beauty case. Diamonds can get scratched or scratch other jewels. Take your diamonds for a control at least once a year. The jeweller will check that the fitting isn't loosen and that there aren't any wear and tear signs. He will polish it in a professinal way. Remember that every diamond is unique; a small masterpiece - a limited edition of nature. The strength of your love is reflected by the quality of your diamond. Take care of it, and it will always shine just like the day it captured your glance and it told you what was in your heart.

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