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Goldsmith's profile is born with the objective to promote and to value one of most ancient art in the history of mankind, the goldsmith's art.

Through the gold, from centuries the traditions, the culture, the techniques, the emotions, the history of entire human societies, have reached us. The jewel taking shape from the noble metal was and it will be in the centuries the expression of the society that has created it.

But the jewel can express its comunicative force only thanks to the skillfull hands of the artisan, interpreter of the world that surrounds him. He shapes the matter immortalizing in it those messages destined to cross the time.

Messages that are unique and that little and badly they're subject to be reproduced in series, as it happens today in the industrial goldsmith that in the attempt to give a soul often it is revealed empty, cold. The tradition cannot be transmitted from one machine but only by a man with its way to express himself.

The "craftsman orafo", fascinated with the creative force and the infinite shapes that he can bring to life, since ever he folds, models, knits and embeds the noble metal. With the tools of the trade and the inspiration of the artist, he confers to the jewel that spirit that will allow to cross the centuries.

It's from these important considerations that selects the handicraft figures that better can reflect the tradition of creating jewels, as well as that useful and necessary fund of knowledge to describe them.

Who first believed in the project is the artisan Nino Speziale, who creates its jewels with procedures and handicraft techniques handed on from "orafo" in "orafo" through the centuries passed until today, following the traditions of the best goldsmith's schools. Today he creates its objects that are appreciated for shapes, beauty and technical precision. wants to render participates of its on project those people who belive in it.
Write to the goldsmith devolopment web group if you want information or, to let us know your ideas.