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The Aquamarine
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Instead of sea it's better to talk about those lagoons of tropics which under the moonlight appear magic and that in few centimeters of undertow show an incredible variety of colors, salty smells and soft noises of life. What's that got to do with aquamarine? Belive it or not , it does have to do with it! Its color has something to do wíth the nuances of that particular water; its brightness can be compared only to that of a certain kind of water; its clear brilliance is not that of a glowing mountain stream, but that of certain sea-beds that only certain lagoons succeed in expresslng with their silence, their strong calm, their slackened time. It is enough to take an aquamarine in hand to feel the vibrations of the stone. The time slows down, its shaded blue color, at the beginning almost faded, increases its nuances opening the way to the introspection, reminding you the water that permeates you, the water in which you were born, that water from which once the life passed to the terra ferma, wíth a bit of a nostalgy and desire for coming back to the origin. The powerful blu of the sapphire represents the balance between the water which is above and the water which is beneath. The blue of the aquamarine has to do with more deep dimensions; it let's participate in the lapping oif the ancient seas that are still permeating us, that are still making our blood pulsing inside the veins.The beryls family to which the aquamarine belongs, includes also other kinds of stones dífferent from each other. The excessive power of the emerald has nothing to do with the raritv of the red beryl, the yellow of heliodor that looks like a cornfield in bright sunshine, or with the watery blue of the aquamarine. Yet there are the pale green-blue beryls at halfway between the emerald and the aquamarine. The beryl which color is determined by a certain element has been called "green beryl" ínstead of "emerald". But this only a pseudo-solution, because it may happen that greenish beryls become blue after heating. To complicate things, it is to be said that in nature, there are stones of a dark blue color; they maintain their natural color after the workmanship, but with the time they fade so to become almost colorless. All this is not said to frighten, but to express how gems are changeable, unforeseeable and almost alive, something impossible to represent with rigour. lf one wants to give a name or a number to each color of gems, knows very little about their nature.
But let's talk again about time, and lets see more closely this fact of the "slackened time". It is possible to find great aquamarines absolutely transparent, a very rare characterlstic for gems. The look can fade away inside of them without being disturbed by inclusions or colored areas, meeting only the planes and edges of faces. This uniformity of color can, perhaps, bring about the strange feeling of the slackened time. The fact is that this strange sensation persists and increases in the dark. lf one leans the aquamarine against the right temple staying in a silent and half-lighted place looking for peace and calm, a relaxing effect will be immediately obtained. But not silence, because you should feel a soft and very slow lapping which becomes slower and slower. The delicate blue will permeate your consciousness and will you feel particularly well. Is it possibie to feel the same sensations with all the crystals? Certainly, but each crystal has its vibrations and its resonances. A crystal is characterized by a great ínternal order, a sirnple and geometric organization, and its nature is that to influence the surrounding environment with its energies that are generally stable.
All this can bring about a sort of temporary slackening in the aquamarine: a sola of opening to astral perceptions with the quartz crystals; a participation in the universal balance with the sapphire, and so on. It is possible to experience other effects with other gems, but we recom- mend to interrupt immediately these experiments that may also bring about negative sensations. Many gems have positive intrinsic capacities. Many are neutral and some other are negative. Since much depends on the subject if more or less interested or concerned in these problems, no fixed rules exist. As far as aquamarine is concerned it seems that it has no negative aspects, but sometimes the onest of melancholy and nostalgy. Imagine you are alone, seated on a rock looking at the calm water of the lake or the lagoon, in the twilight. The mind roams away and you see the reflection of a face in the water, an early memory. The aquamarine can offer this sensation, and when it happens, you too, turn yourself into a great aquamarine.
I beg your pardon! A great esteemed magician first of all must be able to play with magic. The dreaming atmosphere is useless when lived as a pure literary moment. Three words and suddenly two pages disappear from the mind
But the memory which is too recent to be wiped out, passes from the surface to the depths of the mind and from there it works in a more careful and powerfull way. Now the aquamarine belongs to your cultural store, and it has always belonged to it. Take an aquamarine, purify it in salted water for at least a night; relax yourself keeping the gem on your right temple. lf time will not stop, unfortunately you do not appreciate the music and you do not want to dance any more, and this is impossible. And if time will stop as it should do, I hope you will forgive the short ritual that, perhaps, has slightly disconcerted you, but that taught you how to stop the time, whenever you wish.
The aquamarine is one of the most used and well-known gems in the jewellery field. Its major fortune derives from the fact that, even being a gem and having always increasing market sbares, it's available in almost large examples of extreme transparency at very low prices.
Technical card
Raw aquamarine to be cut of great clearness
Fine gem coming from Gachalà, a mine in Colombia
A splendid example of oval shaped-cut
Example of a fine emeral with light's flashes
A fantasy of Aquamarine
Just change the point of view to notice the trasparence