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The diamonds
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You have thought of buying something of very special for the woman of your life, or for someone of your family, or for yourselves. Well it must be a diamond, unique and precious like love. Just like love, a diamond has charm that nothing else can have. Infact, diamonds have been the symbol of love since the times of the ancient Greeks. Its name "diamond" derives from the Greek word "adàmas" that means invincible and suggests the eternity of love. The Greeks believed that the fire of the diamond reflected the vivid flame of love.Now that you've decided to buy a diamond, you would probably want to know a bit more about it. After all, your diamond will be unique, your own unique symbol of love. 
What does one have to know when he buys a jewel with a quality diamond?

The four fundamental characteristics of a diamond - Weight - Pureness - Colour - Cut - should always constitute a criterion for your choice. These four elements, infact, determine the value of a diamond. But it is very important that, besides these four characteristics, you must consider a fifth one: that's the trust in your jeweller. He infact will understand that it is a very important purchase for you and that you want to buy a first choice diamond. That's why he will help you to discover it.

What does carat mean?

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats and there are 100 points in a carat. A carat corresponds to a fifth of a gram. Diamonds are so precious that can be weighed with so sophistical balances that even a puff can influence it. The carat has an interesting history. Centuries ago, the merchants of precious stones from the Middle East used seeds of "catrubo" instead of proper weights for their balances. The characteristic of these seeds was of having indistinctly the same weight: they were therefore ideal for ancient balances.

Do diamonds have different colours?

There are diamonds that have all the colours of the rainbow. Generally they seem white. But only a few are really white like ice in the sun.The greatest part of diamonds have a more warm white colour, with yellow or brown reflections, but they are so imperceptible that only an expert eye can recognize them.There are also diamonds with pastel colours like pink, green, or champagne. But the more they are white, the more they are rare and so is their value.

What does one have to know about the colour when he buys a diamond?

When a diamond is bought, the colour is an important factor for the determination of its value. Diamonds without colour, white like ice, are very rare and their price is proportioned to their rareness.The different variations of colour are often so imperceptible that can be seen only by a real expert and with special lights. There are also diamonds with fast and brilliant colours. They are called "Fancy" and they are very rare. When they have very big dimensions they become pieces of a collection,and their value increases. The best way to see the real colour of a diamond is to observe the stone laterally on a white surface.