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The diamonds
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Why and in what way is a diamond cut?

A raw diamond, looks like a pebble that most people wouldn't deem worthy of a glance.And it's the ability of the cutter that lets out the sparkling beauty of the raw state. Today the cut of the diamonds is studied so that the best result possible is drawn from the natural characteristics of the stone. First of all, because two equal diamonds don't exsist, the stone is studied and marked for its cut. In some cases the cleavage is done, that means cutting the stone in two with a single blow along the natural vein.But most stones are cut along the vein with a rotating blade covered with the diamond's dust that goes round with a very fast speed. Then the diamond is inserted in a lathe and the exterior angles are rounded off with another diamond.This operation is called blunting. So the diamond is then fixed in a vice and brought into contact with a rotating iron plate, strewn of oil and diamond dust, that goes round with a very high speed. One by one the facets -the small surfaces that capture the light and make the diamond sparkle- appear on the stone. Because the diamond is the hardest substance exsisting in nature, it can only be cut by another diamond. The beauty of a diamond depends on the way it reflects the light, and the cutter has to give a form to the stone so that it can use the greatest quantity of light and so that it can shine with all its fire, brightness and sparkling. A great quantity of ability and of decision is necessary to cut a raw diamond. And it's the art of these cutters that exalts the rarity and the value of the diamond.

After cutting a diamond, what happens?

After cutting a diamond, the jewel builder, helped by his deigners, tries to discover new forms and fittings to emphasize in the best way the stone. Different metals, like gold or platinum, offer beautiful contrasts with the glacial brightness of the diamond. First of all each design is drawn on paper. Sometimes a piece is realized directly from the sketch. For the production of great quantities, a metal stamp is prepared from the design for the following meltings. Once the jewel is finished, a "incassatore" (one who embeds) will mount the stones that will illuminate the piece that one day you will wear. Many diamonds are mounted on engagement rings, because the beautiful tradition of the diamond, symbol of love, is getting more and more diffused. Another beautiful tradition is the one of the diamond "veretta" ( a ring with diamonds all around it that symbolize the eternity of love), that a husband gives to his wife to celebrate a wedding anniversary or the birth of a child. The choice is immense for women: all kinds of jewels exsist to satisfy any taste or necessity. More men are finding out how diamonds can be adapted to any situation: formal and informal.Who knows how to choose, searches quality, and, in diamonds, quality is important like in all other things. The fifth characteristic: the trust you have for your jeweller. When you are ready to choose your diamond, you must contact your jeweller straight away. He is an expert of diamonds and he will be happy to inform you of its for characteristics. He will explain the different qualities of diamonds and how these differences influence the prices. Don't look for the occasions when you want to buy a diamond; diamonds don't have a price. For first thing check the abitual customers of the jeweller. The prize for an affirmed jeweller is his reputation. And only the jeweller can help you discover the qualities of a diamond that you are about to buy. There are different kinds of diamonds, with different sizes and prices and you can discuss them with him. Don't be shy, because he knows that you are looking for the quality in one of your most important purchases.

What is the best purchase?

If you buy an engagement ring with a diamond and you choose a heavy and complex gold fitting, you will have, relatively at the price you intend to spend, an inferior content of diamonds. The more the fitting is small and simple,greater and better will be the quality of the diamond that you will be able to buy. This is the reason why the solitaire is the choice preferred by most couples.

How did the tradition of the engagement ring with diamond begin?

It all began with "Maria of Borgogna". She was the first fortunate person who recieved a ring with a diamond for her engagement with "Massimiliano of Austria",on the seventeenth of august 1477. According to history, "Massimiliano" asked advise to his counsellor on how he was supposed to propose to Maria. The counsellor suggested to give her a" ring with a diamond and a gold one"."Massimiliano" liked the idea and he proposed by sliding a ring down the annular of the the woman's left hand."Maria accepted and in this way the tradition began".