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A Pearl Ring
New forms, new effects, new cromatic contrasts that create suggestion and remember the past; the splendour of the diamonds on a white background and the sidereal suggestion that infuses the mysticism of the pearl grey of Tahiti, make this creation a perfect union between the technique execution and sylistic choice.
The important phases of working pearl ring
Different techniques are used to work this object, from the traditional one that consists in the perforation placed in the little cup that holds the pearl, to the wax modelling of the stem.
After having partly carried out the parts of the ring another technical element is considered; the spaces for the setting and the technique that has to be used, then the next operation is the fusion of the stem that will be finished in a second time and set with the "pavè" technique before applying the little cup so that the setting is executed in a more detailed way.
At this point we get to the most delicate and prohibitive part of the work:

- The fixing of the little cup to the stem that has already been mounted and finished,trying to protect the diamonds and the setting that must never become oxidized;

-When this is finished the only thing to do is to polish definitely the object, immerse it into a galvanic solution of rhodium and fix the pearl in a definite way with a screw hinge.

The finished object
A gold white ring, diamonds with a brilliant cut and pearl of Tahiti.