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Enamelling with fire
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To decorate an object with a metallic base, usually a technique called "night enamel" or "champleve'" is used. The enamel is laid on the smooth bottom of a cavity created on purpose (dis. 1-A) with dull enamels or transparent, while if the bottom is engraved or worked with a "chisel" technique called "basse-taille" transparent enamels will be used (dis. 1-B). 
The technique of the "day or cathedral" enamel is called "plique-à-jour" enamelling. Here the enamel hasn't got the metallic base and is contained only by metal borders (dis. A). The transparence of the enamel allows the light to exalt the colours. In the enamelling and cooking phases, the object is laid on a metal surface made of platinum, that doesn't stick to the enamel.